Based on customer survey data, positioning analysis represents products along relevant dimensions from the customers’ points of view, and creates a simple-to-read mapping of the competitive landscape, highlighting unique positioning, value propositions, competitive threats, market opportunities, and me-too products.

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Key features

3D interactive positioning

When two dimensions are not enough to capture the full complexity of the competitive landscape, Enginius will display a third dimension. That 3D, interactive map can be rotated, zoomed, and easily manipulated to easily visualize the positioning map.

Map preferences

To be successfully positioned in the market place, it is not enough for a brand to be associated with a distinctive feature or characteristic; that characteristic needs to be valued and conducive to customer preferences and sales as well. When available, Enginius will map customer preferences directly on top of the perceptual data, to easily identify market opportunities and promising niche markets.

Segment preferences on the fly

Customers’ preferences can be all over the place. Enginius will allow you to segment customer preferences, and directly map them in different colors. It can even automatically suggest the optimal number of segments to summarize your data. And if you want to use your own segment solution and labels, Enginius will let you specify it as well.

Case studies