Resource allocation

Enginius calibrates effort-to-impact response functions based on simple managerial estimates, and then helps optimize resource sizing and resource allocations across segments, products, advertising channels, etc., in order to maximize profit under various constraints.

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Key features

Powerful visualization

Enginius helps you easily visualize how efforts, impact, costs and profit evolve hand in hand, and where the optimal investment in allocation is. The charts also display the results of the current allocation, and the optimal solutions that can be achieved.

Optimization under constraint

Cannot allocate more than a fixed amount? Need to spend at least some effort in a specific category even if such investment is financially suboptimal? No problem. You can easily setup both local and global, upper or lower constraints on your allocation efforts.

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analysis is a powerful visualization tool that helps you determine the maximum results obtainable at various levels of investments. It is also useful to determine the extent of the “flat maximum” region, where additional investments bring about the same revenue as they cost.

Case studies

John French CALLPLAN

Salesman John French is trying to determine how to best cover the stores in his territory. Using resource allocation, John determines how often to visit each store per quarter.

C-Tek Corporation

In this resource allocation case, C-Tek Corporation must determine how to best allocate its existing sales reps and whether it is profitable to add additional reps.

Syntex laboratories

This case provides a vehicle for discussing issues such as resource allocation, judgmental calibration of response models and implementation. The work in the case received the Edelman Prize in 1988 and the associated videotape gives a fascinating