Standalone student license

Please, read this first...

If you are a registered student in a degree-granting academic institution, but your professors do not use Enginius, you may be allowed to purchase a standalone Enginus license and benefit from the student discount anyway. This is a time-consuming and non-automatic procedure, though. Please note that:

1) If you have a received a 16-digit license code from your university or business school, you do not need to purchase an Enginius license; it has already been purchased for you. Click here to use your license code.

2) If you have received an 8-digit purchase code, you should use that code instead. It will be faster, the license will only include the models and case studies your instructor wants to cover in class, and it will usually be cheaper than a standalone student license. Click here to use your purchase code.

3) If you are not a registered student anymore, or you cannot demonstrate your student status, you will unfortunately not be able to benefit from the academic discount.

How does it work?


You register on this website and create a student account. You are strongly encouraged to use your university email if you have one (generic emails, such GMail or Yahoo! emails, will go through further scrutiny).

Please be aware that you will have to validate your email address before your account is active. If you don’t receive our validation email, make sure you check your spam folder.

Contact us

Scan your student id card, student registration document, or any document that can attest of your student status, and send it by email to The document needs to include:

– Your full name
– The name of your university
– A non-expired validity date

Note that only registered students at degree-granting academic institutions benefit from student discounts. Certificate-granting companies, such as Coursera or Udemy, do not qualify.


If your documents meet our verification standards, you will receive an 8-digit purchase code. Please allow a minimum of 2 to 3 business days.

That code will grant you the right to buy a one-year, fully functional student license for $70. All major credit cards are accepted.

Frequently asked questions

Standalone student licenses and not customizable. They automatically include all the models, such as segmentation, positioning, predictive modeling, etc. If you need access to only a selection of models, ask one of your professors if he or she would agree to generate a purchase license code for you.

Standalone student licenses are always one-year licenses. If you need a shorter license, for instance for a one-semester course, ask your professor if he or she would like to generate a purchase license code for you.