Welcome instructors!

Enginius is proud to sponsor again the EMAC-Enginius Doctoral Competition this year.

The EMAC-Enginius Doctoral Competition recognizes and encourages new generations of marketing experts, who are crucial to develop the theories and tools that shape the future of our field.

Show your students the power of marketing analytics

Enginius is a 100% online, user-friendly, powerful marketing analytic software that allows your students to experience marketing analytic models in realistic business contexts.

Unlike technical statistical software (SPSS, SAS) or programming languages (R, Python), Enginius has been designed to allow your students to simply focus on the business problems, not on the software.

Enginius includes the following models:
– Segmentation
– Positioning
– Conjoint analysis
– Predictive modeling
– Resource allocation
– Customer lifetime value
– Price optimization
– Bass forecasting
– GE McKinsey matrix

You have developed a wonderful pedagogical text and software package that provide my students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with a variety of quantitative tools.
- Joel Steckel,
New York University

Teaching resources to make your life easier

Our team has worked very hard to give you everything you need to boost your teaching and embed marketing analytic components in your course -whether online or face-to-face- such as software, case studies, teaching slides, accompanying videos, etc.

All our teaching material is free to use for registered instructors. Only student licenses need to be purchased.


Enginius is a 100% online, simple-to-use, marketing analytic software, perfect to teach marketing analytics to business students


With Enginius, you have access to 30+ case studies, including data sets, marketing analytic models, and case solutions. These case studies can be purchased individually.


Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics (3rd ed.) is available through Amazon. Individual electronic chapters can also be included in your course package.


We have worked hard to create teaching slides and teaching material to help you customize and create your own course.


Each marketing analytic component is complemented by a technical note explaining the ins and outs of the underlying models.


Enginius gives you access to numerous software tutorial, video FAQ, and free webinars.

Where to start?

Build a full-blown marketing analytic course

With Enginius, its 9 different marketing analytic models, and 30+ case studies covering all aspects of marketing, you have enough material to quickly build a 10 or 15-week class from scratch, entirely focused on marketing analytics.

Cover a few models in your course

Whether you teach introduction to marketing, digital marketing, or business-to-business marketing, you can boost your existing course by integrating a couple of case studies and marketing analytic models.

Purchase one case study

Sometimes, all you need is a single case study to beef up your course. Good news, they can be purchased individually, come accompanied with their software, and require no software installation.