Welcome business users!

We have designed Enginius for you...

Small & Medium Firms

Not every company can afford data scientists, but every company needs to understand its market, its customers, and its competitive positioning. With its simple user interface free of statistical jargon, a non-specialist can generate insights with a few clicks of a button.

Marketing Agencies

Offer unique insights to your clients. Generate a survey, collect data, analyze the data in Enginius, and generate a rich report in a matter of minutes. The reports can even be automatically customized with your logo and color palette.

Consulting Firms

Why mobilize a senior consultant or an expensive data scientist when a junior associate can automate most of the repetitive analyses and reports with minimal training?

Powerful analytics, simple interface

Powerful analytics

Enginius includes many powerful marketing analytic models, all in one place:

Segmentation and clustering
Positioning maps
Conjoint analysis
Sentiment analysis and text analytics
Predictive modeling, linear and nonlinear regressions
Social network analysis
Resource allocation and optimization
Customer lifetime value predictions
Price optimization
Bass forecasting for new product launches
GE McKinsey matrix for strategic priority mapping

Simple interface

Enginius is a 100% online, user-friendly, powerful marketing analytic software that lets you generate complete marketing analytic reports out-of-the-box.

Unlike technical statistical software (SPSS, SAS) or programming languages (R, Python), Enginius has been designed to let you focus on the business problems and on its communication, not on the software.

With the simple click of a button, you can generate a 40-page report, already customized with your company logo and colors.

Try it!

Test Enginius on a sample data set and see for yourself

How to use your own data...

One of the challenges of data analytics is to prepare your data in the right format.
Enginius has made it easier for you.


Each marketing model comes with a full tutorial in pdf format and example data set that you can run to get familiar with the model requirements. Each tutorial is directly available from the Enginius dashboard.


Create a template directly from the dashboard for the model you wish to use. Answer a few questions, and voilà! You can even fill the template with random data or export it in Excel to import it again later.

Please note that templates are not available in demo licenses.

Survey tool

Want to run a conjoint analysis? A positioning study? Use our survey tool, specify the brands and the attributes, and Enginius will take care of the rest. You can create a survey, collect data, and load the data directly into the Enginius platform, ready to be analyzed. From the survey design to the data analysis, no further human manipulation or data preparation is required.