Price optimization

Based on the well-known Gabor-Granger pricing method, Enginius plugs simple willingness-to-pay survey data into an optimization algorithm, and suggests price levels that will optimize sales, revenues, or profits. Fixed and marginal costs are taken into account.

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Key features

Built-in cost structure

The Gabor-Granger model allows you to identify the price level that will maximize revenue. By specifying market size, fixed costs and marginal costs, you can also identify the price levels that will maximize gross or net margins.

Price-point table

$183.17 might be the optimal price suggested by the software, but no company is going to price its product at $183.17, right? Enginius will automatically identify rounded prices around the optimal solution, and rerun the simulations at these more realistic price levels, to provide more accurate and realistic predictions.

Case studies


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In early 2007, Dürr Environmental Controls, a German conglomerate with capabilities in this arena and extensive industrial operations in the US, was considering entering the US with one or more offerings.  A variety of features and capabilities are