Welcome students!

Enginius is a 100%-online, user-friendly, marketing analytic software specifically designed to let you apply marketing analytic solutions to realistic business problems.

What you need to know

Available on any device

Enginius is 100% online. It does not require any software installation, works on any device, and all the case studies and data sets are directly available from the online platform.

Account protection and blocking

Whether your university bought it for you, or you have been requested to buy your own license, students registered in academic institutions have access to Enginius at a steep price discount compared to regular commercial prices.

For that reason, we strictly enforce anti-piracy and account verification checks, including IP tracking, computer signatures, and double authentication. If your account appears to be used by multiple users, it will be blocked.

Where to start?

You have received a 16-digit license code

If you have received a 16-digit license code, your university or business school has already purchased an Enginius license for you. You just need to create a student account (register) and link your university license to your Enginius account.

You have received an 8-digit purchase code

If you have received an 8-digit purchase code, your university or business school has requested that you purchased an Enginius license yourself. All the major credit cards are accepted. The purchase code will guarantee that you will receive a student discount.

You have received neither

If you are not registered in a class that granted you access to an Enginius license, but are nonetheless a registered student in a degree-granting academic institution, you may still purchase an Enginius license and benefit from an academic discount. Please note that this procedure will be more time consuming and more expensive than the two previous options.