You are an instructor

See how easy it is to integrate marketing analytic software and case studies in your course, whether it is for just one session, or for an entire semester.


You are a student

Enginius is a Web-based, super user-friendly marketing analytic software, that you can even use with your own data or for class projects.


Why Enginius?

No statistical jargon, just business insight

With Enginius, we have worked very hard to make the output clear, concise, and full of business insight. No statistical jargon or technical mumbo-jumbo.

And if one part of the analysis is a bit more involved, all the required explanations are right there in the report.

Report in any format

The reports can be viewed in a browser, or generated in various formats such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word or PDF documents, or text files ready to be downloaded.

Plus, the reports can also be customized with your brand logo and color… automatically.

Available on any device

Enginius is available on any device, at any time… PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, even on a smart phone if you want. There is no installation required, and the software is always up-to-date.

I think you’ve put together a great product for teaching marketing. Based on my interactions with students over the years, I know that there is a big need for user-friendly software that enables firms to apply all of these models. 

Peter Golder, New York University

Your book and software open up a marketing toolkit so that students can learn information-based marketing the old-fashioned way: by building practical models.

James D. Hess, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

You have developed a wonderful pedagogical text and software package that provide my students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with a variety of quantitative tools.

Joel Steckel, New York University