Teaching resources

Enginius software

Enginius is a 100% online, super user-friendly software that has been specifically developed for the education market. It allows students to experience the power of marketing analytics, without the hassle of complex statistical software or programming languages. It comes loaded with plenty of marketing analytic models (e.g., segmentation positioning, conjoint analysis, predictive modeling, price optimization), 30+ case studies and associated data sets, tutorials, templates, and much more. You can see it in action with these short videos, or test it for yourself:

Case studies

Enginius comes with 30+ case studies and their accompanying data sets and case solutions, covering broad topics such as customer targeting, product positioning, new product development, customer lifetime value or market segmentation.

Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics (3rd edition)

We have designed this book primarily for the business school student or marketing manager, who, with minimal background and technical training, must understand and employ the basic tools and models associated with Marketing Analytics and Engineering.

PowerPoint slide decks