Zach’s Garage case study (price optimization)

Zach's Garage (price optimization)

Zach (once a musician) opens a garage where bands can perform and fans can enjoy the music (for free) as a community service. Zach soon see the folly of his plan and now needs to find a price point that is affordable, but covers his costs of his performance space.  This case asks the student to consider attendance levels and break-even price levels.

Managerially complex

A case study is deemed managerially complex when its solution is ambiguous, unclear, or requires extensive judgment calls; it is best suited for advanced students or executive education settings.

Technically complex

A case study is deemed technically complex when its solution requires extensive data manipulation, or when it requires to juggle with more than one marketing model.


Some case studies depict historical problems taking place decades ago. While graduate students and executive education participants have no problem with these cases, undergraduate students might find them dated.