Welcome to Enginius

As an instructor,
you have full access to the Enginius platform for free.

Please follow these 3 steps to activate your Enginius account.

1 - Register

Register as an instructor on the Enginius website by clicking the link below.

Even though you have a DecisionPro account, you need to create a separate Enginius account*.

* An instructor account gives full access to all the resources of the website, for free. We need to take extra precautions before granting one. Sorry.

2 - Wait for confirmation

Our team will quickly validate your instructor status, and grant you access to Enginius.

Once you receive our confirmation email, visit https://www.enginius.biz and login.

3 - Activate license

On the Enginius front page or the link below, click on “Dashboard”, then select Instructor’s complimentary license.

This license is unique to you and gives you full access to instructor material, models and case studies.