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Sentiment analysis

Get answers for the most frequently asked questions about the sentiment analysis module. For a quick overview, we suggest you check the introductory video first.

Sentiment analysis in a nutshell

Sentiment analysis helps firms to understand customer opinions by monitoring emails, blogs, or social media contents about their products, services or brands.

These are analyzed in 2 ways – Valence and Emotion. Valence analysis extracts polarity (positive, negative or neutral) and emotion analysis extracts the emotions (anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise) contained in a corpus of textual data provided to the program. 

Download the tutorial

To download the Enginius tutorial in pdf format: (1) Follow the link below. It will open an example data set, then (2) Click on the link in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Frequently asked questions

In case of word cloud with stemming, words with the same stem are considered to be identical to each other or the purposes of the analysis. For example, computer, computational and computation have the same stem “comput”.  They will be considered to represent the same thing. If a word cloud is created without stemming these three words will be considered to be different from each other.

The polarity and emotion of each word are determined from well-known dictionaries used for this purpose.