Bookbinders Book Club (predictive)

The Bookbinders Book Club (BBC) was established in 1986 for the purpose of selling books through direct marketing.  BBC built and maintains a detailed database of its members and is developing a program to improve the efficacy of its direct mail program.  Under consideration are three modeling approaches to isolate the factors that most influence customers using data collected from a recent mailing.

Managerially complex

A case study is deemed managerially complex when its solution is ambiguous, unclear, or requires extensive judgment calls; it is best suited for advanced students or executive education settings.

Technically complex

A case study is deemed technically complex when its solution requires extensive data manipulation, or when it requires to juggle with more than one marketing model.


Some case studies depict historical problems taking place decades ago. While graduate students and executive education participants have no problem with these cases, undergraduate students might find them dated.